Happy Birthday OJ!


I was about to write “Dear Ojas” but that’s so pretentious and cringy.

Do you remember 2013?
Isn’t it wonderful how you meet someone, and click the very first time? Yup, that didn’t happen with us. I hated your guts and I don’t think you liked me either. I never thought I would see you again, ever. But there you were, grinning, standing tall amongst the crowd at the Counseling.
“Damn it, I’d have to spend 5.5 years of Med School with this guy!”

I wasn’t happy to see a familiar face in the sea of aspiring Medical Students, as that face was yours. Little did I know, that I would be saying-
“Are you kidding me? I spent 5.5 years of Med School with this guy!”
– at the end of it all.

You’ve been there, actually been there with me throughout. If I can think of my happy moments in the last 5 years, most of them are with you. If I think about my lows, again, most of them are with you because you were my rock. Never did you care about attendance if you saw anything apart from a smile on my face. You skipped classes, missed postings just to take me with you, away from all the crap and bullshit.

Thus, as a good friend- it is my duty (and honour) to tell you some things.

1. You are effing loud. You just can’t whisper/speak softly. You don’t need a mic or a speaker to convey your message. Although your pronunciation isn’t clear and you speak so fast that people won’t understand but point stands- you are loud! I mean, I could hear your jokes in the class sitting 3 rows in front of you, duh, that got me in trouble as I can’t not-laugh when it’s you saying something. Can I?

2. You need to pay serious attention to your hygiene. Your room, your car, your hair, your body… I haven’t seen the state of your Harley because hello- you haven’t yet given me a ride. But please, you’re handsome when you clean up, why not do it often then? Look like a doctor man, not like a janitor. And don’t force me to actually take a mop and spend a Sunday cleaning your car.

3. You wear your heart on your sleeve (This goes out to both of us). I join my hands and I beg you, to stop going after people who don’t want you. And a lot of people don’t. And that’s ohkay. You have me, Mansi, that a*****e, Animesh, your other shitty school friends… You don’t need to cry sitting in an OPD for someone who doesn’t care at all. Are you crazy? Yes. But don’t do that. It’s tough, it will take time, allow yourself to grieve but don’t waste your time. Please. PLEASE!

From eating my food everyday, literally starving me to death in the first year to snatching Cupcakes that I got for other people during the Internship, has anything changed really? Yes. My love (platonic, don’t even think about it) for you has increased a thousand times. The respect I had for you, has decreased a hundred times (Kidding, or not).

Ojas Ahuja, you have had my heart all these years and kept it safe. Mended it, motivated me, kept me going and I don’t think I’d have it any other way even with all our misunderstandings, saying shit to each other over a GoT spoiler… Seriously dude! Sharing and spreading secrets, updating each other of crushes and heartbreaks, bitching about everyone… You’re still here and so am I. Stronger than ever. Closer than before. Perhaps a little wiser, a lot more goofier, and unhindered by any outside disturbance. You’ve had my back, I’ve had yours and that’s how it going to be for the next 50-60 years that I live, and the next 10-20 that you do (someone will kill you man, I’m certain).

Showing Middle Fingers to everyone who says a boy and a girl can’t be friends, I can proudly proclaim that you’re not someone I would marry even if I’m single at 50 years of age.

A big bear hug to you. Happy Birthday buddy! Wishing you more booze to drink, more weed to smoke, (more _____ to score :P).
But seriously though, stop smoking.

I hope you are happy without any of the above, scale great heights, and definitely help out my parents at my wedding!

Lots of love
Your Bro

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  1. Mansi Jain says:

    Mere 2 Anmol ratan! ❤😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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