Pretty Please

Men will be men
Privileged, unabashed
Disillusioned, I say
Who think they have a right
Right to not listen to a ‘NO’
They feign not to see
Because we are just playing hard to get
Ain’t we?
And you know better
Better than us that we want it
Which makes you a victim
Of the monstrous temptresses
That we are
Cock-tease, I heard?

But what if we say ‘YES’
Would that go down your throat well?
You’ll make us walk the hall of shame
Call us sluts for exercising our choice
Sex as an emotional expression?
Ssh… Don’t say such things
Pride yourself of your purity
Which comes with an aging virginity
You have to
There’s no choice
You have to care about
What people will think
Because the hymen
Is a precious jewel
And we are doomed to be
Forever subservient
To two different chromosomes

An X and a Y
Bestowed some with much power
A cock-tease when we refuse what they want
And a slut
When we do what they want, willingly
Our choice is the issue
You do not resonate with
Because we owe you…
What exactly?
Men will be men
Privileged, unabashed
And women?
Exhausted, angry, bitter
Jaded as hell
But hey? Smile and act properly
No, don’t spread your legs
Say thank you’s and please

Oh! Please.

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  1. L. Stevens says:

    Welcome to WordPress!

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      1. L. Stevens says:

        Your welcome!

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