This goes out to everyone who has conveniently and shamelessly remained silent on the recent attacks on Junior Doctors/Interns in West Bengal.

3 days ago, an 82 year old man suffered a Heart Attack and presented to NRS Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata [State Capital of West Bengal]. He may as well have other medical conditions that come with age. The doctors on duty in the Emergency Department started the required treatment but unfortunately the patient could not make it.

Now, does this incident sound so devastating that a group of people [allegedly 200] manhandle the Emergency Staff and physically assault an Intern on duty that day?

Read the report here.

Dr. Paribhaha Mukherjee did just one thing wrong. And what is that? Be on duty in Emergency in a Government Hospital of India. You don’t expect that your work will get you killed or make you suffer from life threatening injuries because Medicine is a noble profession. Therefore, even if you get killed in the process saving someone or are attacked by angry relatives, do not complain.

I say it again, do not complain. When you signed up for this job, when you stepped into a medical college and took your oath, you were bound to be forever subservient to:-

  • The System
  • Your Seniors
  • Patients
  • Their absolutely loving and caring attendants

You said Yes! You committed to this non yielding, abusive, torturous relationship and now, you have the audacity to complain and more so- dare to demand basic human rights? Seriously? Who are you?

  • An Intern who just completed 4.5 years of MBBS and are now learning patient care? Along with working as a clerk, filling up forms, making discharge summaries, charting vitals, doing ward rounds, attending to totally ridiculous requests [Read orders] by patients such as “My kid vomited on the pillow, change the pillow cover and give us a new bedsheet as well”. Right away, ma’am. Right Away.
  • A Resident in the Labour Room who has not slept in 24 hours but needs to be locked in a closet to save her own life, because a female baby was born? I guess, that’s okay. I am bringing a new life into the world, this is a part of the job.
  • A Doctor-on-Duty in Emergency who attends to all sorts of patients who present with a stomach ache to a Myocardial Infarction and gets yelled upon, pressurised, physically assaulted by the relatives/attendants because they did not think you were giving the right treatment or the patient dies? Deal with your own shit. This is not anyone’s problem.
  • A Consultant who has spent more time in the Hospital [Read Dead House] than their own homes, could not attend their kid’s school play or Parent-Teachers’ Meeting because the OPD was hectic, provide fee waivers to old patients, give away free medicine samples to patients who cannot afford them? Umm… Hello? But what about your counterparts who give the costliest treatment and charge double the fee and loot patients?

For every Doctor that takes his/her patients for a ride, there’re a hundred others who think about how to help their patients better in their free time. And I am not even bragging.

Death is inevitable. You cannot avoid it, how badly you may want to. We, as Doctors cannot prevent every patient from dying. But that does not mean that we do not try to the best of our abilities and knowledge.

Your relatives will die, you will die. We too, will die. Or perhaps brutally murdered by you because we were on-duty and doing our jobs and maybe, going beyond it.

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  1. The Lit Biwi says:

    I swear nobody understands the crap we go through during internship. From cleaning vomit to putting in catheters, from draining abscess to doing night shifts that never end – I guess we don’t deserve to be given the basic human rights.

    Did you know, the CM of Bengal would have doctors martyred too? I’ll send you the report.

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    1. They don’t. Not the patients who’s crap we clean, not their attendants who are behind us every now and then for doubts such as “dawai toh theek di hai na aapne? Kahin aur bhi dikhayen kya?”. People come up in Emergency with trivial complaints that could’ve easily handled if they’d shown up in the OPD the next morning. But no. They want their diarrhoea to be treated promptly at 3 in the morning without any hassle. And they’ll bring the whole family with them.
      But, the doctors are ignorant blood suckers!

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      1. The Lit Biwi says:

        Girl. This comment. It’s the same damn scene all over the country. I tweeted your post.

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  2. Rohan says:

    Doctors aren’t magicians, they are human too.

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    1. Absolutely. We don’t demand to regarded as Hands of God or sorcerers. It is just basic decency and humanitarian rights we want.

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  3. I can’t believe doctors are treated in such a way. Are the police called? Are these hooligans brought to justice? Of all the professions to attack, this is not the one you would expect. Is there no security in these hospitals? Of course, if security harmed these people while trying to rein them in, then the very doctors they were assaulting would treat them.

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    1. Indians are emotional fools. First, they make Doctors stand on a pedestal, hail them as Hand of God’s or God themselves, “their only hope”, “the cure to their misery” forgetting that we can only do so much. But now, thanks to the negative media always ready to scrutinize the medical fraternity, and the rise of corporate hospitals, the ever growing impatience and ego amongst the general public- all they can think is “Doctors are bloodsuckers”.

      Whatever is happening in Bengal is fuelled by political agendas. What would the security do if 200 angry people are ready to destroy the department and the Doctors who could not save an 82 year old man with many comorbidities.

      Generally, interns and junior Residents are the first contact with patient and their attendants and that is why most of this outrage is faced by us! There has been an ongoing strike in the whole country because there is only so much we can tolerate. Many Doctors at the concerned Hospital in Kolkata have resigned because the Chief Minister of the State is acting like the Mad Targaryen Queen.

      It is not even about Doctors now. It is basic. No one should die at the workplace. Period.

      But us standing up for our rights is indigestible to the whole general population! With tweets and Facebook posts saying “Doctors are getting what they deserve”.

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      1. This is just awful! As for security, crowd control is always a sticky subject. They could use Mace to quell the riot. But that won’t stop the hate. Guns only go so far, though they can be quite effective for the short term. It is a shame that doctors have to live in fear of their lives. But it isn’t uncommon. Our school children face the same fear of harm or death. There isn’t a safe place to be had for any of us these days.

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      2. I think Self Defense Classes should be made mandatory as a part of Medical Curriculum now. In the light of recent (not quite) events.

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      3. Being terribly American here, but maybe you docs need more of a weapon than a scalpel! This is insanity!

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      4. I fully agree with you, Linda. This is insanity and politicians are using it for their gains. A 4 day strike and the issue has died down now. Back to normalcy, working fear of our lives.

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