Letting Go

Perhaps, one day

I will not think about you for that brief moment

When I take fries from someone’s plate

Or not look around for you when I laugh hysterically

I will not reach out for my phone as a reflex

When it’s your birthday

I won’t get haunted in the dead of the night

By memories

A joke you made one fine afternoon

Singing old songs when we had nothing better to do

Or your annoyingly calming ‘Megha’ when I wasn’t alright

I may just not shed a tear

Recalling something terrible you said to me

Perhaps, one day

I will not look out of the window while passing by your place

I will stop going to our cafe even when alone

I’ll stop wandering along the same route we took maybe a thousand times

In hope, that I might catch a glimpse of you


Perhaps, one day

I’ll let your memories fade away

Your name be lost amongst hundreds of people I know

And your face become this fuzzy outline

Of the man who used to be mine

Perhaps, one day

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    1. Thank you so much Lisa :))


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