Stars and Shells

Waves come crashing at our feet
Tall as you stand beside me
Somewhere between seeing and being seen
I have found my home
A vast nothing in front of us
Does not invite fear of what lies ahead
It is rather a relief
A respite from the chaos I have left behind
For long, solitude suited me well
I proudly proclaimed it
As my own territory
Belonging only to me
And then there you were
Knocking at the door
With your goofy grin
You sat with me
In the company of stars and shells
Listening to the cool breeze
And rustling of leaves
Is it not what I wanted all along?
Lying to myself and those around
Away from the mindless chatter
And half hearted greetings
Picture perfect smiles
And tombstones of broken equations
You sweep me off my feet
Take me by surprise
And look at me
As if you see right through my eyes
I do not look for pretty lanes
To get lost with you
I intend to set foot in the familiar territory
Coalesce into the same chaos
Albeit with a newer perspective
With you holding my hand
Embracing who I am
And where I belong

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